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Content Research With SEMRUSH & Google Docs

Learn a process for finding and writing about the perfect topic using SEMRUSH and Google Docs. If you need help in writing for your business, please feel free to check out our local S.E.O services, where content writing is part of our process .

Step 1.) Login to the “Keyword Magic Tool”, Found under “Keyword Analytics” in Semrush.

Step 2.) Type in the main topic you want to optimize for. In this example, we will use “Headshot Photography”. Then hit search.

Step 3.) Select “Questions” and “Related”, also check the top box, to select all of the keywords. Then, click on export. Select “All” and then XLSX

Step 4.) Open the document in Google Sheets.​

Step 5.) Name the document properly {Topic + Keyword Research}, then organize the data, by deleting all of the columns except for “Keyword” & “Volume”. Finally, make sure you add the following 3 sheets. (Service Page, Blog Page, & Pillar Page.

Step 6.) Select the volume column, and then sort it, so that the highest volume questions rise to the top of the document.

Step 7.) Delete any keyword questions that do not make sense, or sound taboo.

Any keyword containing the word “best” or “near me” is ok, as long as you remove those self describing words from the final keyword.

Imagine the keyword either fitting into a service page (you want the user to take action) or a blog page (you want the user to learn more about a topic). If the keyword question does not make sense in one of these two pages, then delete it.

Step 8.) Begin to categorize each question into either a service page, a blog page, or both(pillar page).

Step 9.) Once all the questions have been categorized, move them over to their corresponding pages.

Step 10.) Choose the most relevant(long tail) keyword, and delete the similar variations of that keyword question.

Step 11.) Organize the questions in a logical reading order.