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Web-Hosting Services

Web hosting services should be made simple for businesses. We take great care in ensuring that our client’s have the most up to date and protected websites on fast and secure servers, by providing them with up to date plugin and core WordPress updates, along with monthly backups, and inhouse limited support to help answer any questions or concerns by a dedicated point of contact account specialist, who you can call or email for support instead of having to call a foreign number and having to deal with someone out of the state.

What are some businesses & industries we provide services for?

We work with an array of businesses, such as service-oriented businesses like photographers, lawyers, restaurants, construction/engineering, medical & dental practices, and other professional services. all the way to E-commerce businesses.

How to choose a web hosting plan for your website?

We offer various hosting plans that range anywhere from a full backup, customer support, and a few edits per month on fast and secure web servers, all the way down to full S.E.O campaigns that include the web hosting.

Do we provide fast web hosting services for your website?

Yes, we do. We work as resellers for one of the world's most trusted companies when it comes to fast and secure web-hosting services worldwide. Combined with optimizing web files and configuring a C.D.N, we can relatively higher than average website speed scores.

What kind of customer service can you expect from hosting with us?

When you make the decision to host with us, you can expect excellent customer service in terms of having your questions, comments, or concerns answered. Also, depending on your plan, you can contact us Monday - Friday to request edits, and or other website requests.

Which hosting services do we provide to our clients?

At the very minimum, our hosting plans include a full website backup every month, along with a one hour of edit time to the website. (So if there are changes you want to be made, you can just make the request and we will take care of it.) Also, you don’t have to every call a long-distance phone number to talk to foreign support, because we take care of all of our clients in-house with a dedicated account specialist as a point of contact.

Can A Wix or Squarespace website be moved over?

If you’re currently on a Wix or Squarespace website and have heard the hype of WordPress perhaps being a better choice for getting a website to rank better because of the S.E.O we can certainly help you move the site over, depending on the size of the website.

Are we the best choice for providing you with web hosting for your business website?

We believe so, there are hundreds of other digital marketing agencies out there that also offer website hosting services at perhaps cheaper pricing per month, but they a lot of them don’t offer the support and individualized service we offer our clients to take care of website issues if they are hosting with us.

How much does web hosting cost?

Basic hosting starts at $20/mo; but, our most popular service is $150/mo which includes backups, plugin and core updates, along with inhouse support.

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