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5 Tips For Finding The Best SEO Company

Have you ever wondered how to properly evaluate a digital marketing agency to see if they are any good? Sure, a lot of them talk a big game, but very few of them can back up what they claim. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you a very basic guide to help you evaluate any digital marketing agency including our own Ozelot Media LLC.

1.) Ranking For Targeted Keywords: Is the marketing agency that you’re currently considering able to rank for their own targeted keywords? Think about it, if they claim to be a digital agency, but are not capable of ranking their own website for any commercial intent keywords, what makes you think they can do the same for yours?

  • Commercial Intent Keywords: Keywords that are important for service and/or product pages. Take our SEO agency, for example, we are able to rank for competitive keywords that are important to our professional SEO services such as “Hotel SEO Services”, “Professional SEO Services in Fresno”, etc…
  • Informational Intent Keywords: Keywords that are mainly found in blog articles. The truth is that these are the easiest type of keywords to rank for because as long as you write relevant and quality blog articles, you should be able to rank for these keywords. Although this still takes significant work, it’s nowhere as difficult as being able to rank service and or product type pages with commercial intent keywords.

2.) Competition Among Equal Peers: In order to properly make this analysis you’ll need access to a tool like SEMRUSH. But basically, how does the agency compare, among its peers at a national or even local level? If the agency that you’re considering is not even a competitor, I would take that as a huge red flag, on the other hand, if the agency is in a league of its own, compared to its competitors, I would take that as a great sign to work with them.

3.) Current Organic Traffic: For this next example you’ll also need access to a tool like SEMRUSH, but basically, you’re checking to see whether or not the agency that you’re considering working with has any organic(non-paid) website traffic of their own. If they can’t bring traffic to their own website, I would consider this another red flag.

4.) The Keywords For The Traffic: Assuming the agency that you’re considering has some meaningful website traffic shown like in the screenshot above, the next thing to consider is what kind of keywords bring in that traffic, and how those keywords are distributed across the entire website. The thing to note here is whether or not the keywords that are showing up seem relative to what their webpages are about, and service or product type keywords, as opposed to branded and or heavy blog article keywords.

5.) The Worth of Keywords: Have you ever thought to consider whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth in terms of SEO keyword value? For example, what is the worth of the current keywords on your website? One way to calculate this is to add up the CPC value of each keyword that your website is currently ranking for. For us, that number is currently at $1,200/mo. It’s important to note that this is not nor should it be the only metric to determine the value of SEO, but it’s a good indicator of the value of the keywords that the website currently ranks for.

Conclusion: There you have it. These are the five tips to keep in mind when evaluating the best SEO Company. The main thing to keep in mind is that if the agency can’t rank their own website for anything meaningful, why would you trust them to do the same for yours? Any agency can take credit for someone else’s work, and pass it off as their own, but the true test lies on their own website, not someone else’s.

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